2021 Lawn Mowing Service Policy

Lawn Mowing Service Days

We schedule work Monday-Friday and use Saturdays to compensate for delays. We do not work on Sundays. We mow designated areas each day of the week, ensuring that each customer is assigned a specific service day throughout the season. We strive to stay on schedule like clockwork, Although we assign a specific mowing day to each client, several factors can affect our route and schedule, especially in the beginning of the season, such as adding new clients. The rainy season can also affect scheduling and route due to extended weather delays or skips , because of this we can not guarantee any specific date or time,  so service may vary from week to week. Although We will try to accommodate clients with scheduling.

Payments, Billing, Pricing

This is a no contract pay-as-you-go, Pre-paid service. We bill on a Monthly Basis (once a month) with a invoice via email. You can pay the invoice with PayPal or with your debit or credit card through PayPal. Every month we will bill you accordingly for pre-paid mowing services. If we do not receive payment, you will be “skipped” and possibly removed from the route and schedule.(services canceled)

(no account needed or credit card on file). We may also be able to accept other payment methods such as Cashapp, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Square or Facebook. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS FOR RESIDENTIAL.

Pricings are subject to change.

Estimates, Quotes, Invoices are subject to change.

As of 2020, we have moved towards online pre-payments only, via invoice through PayPal

Currently our “go to” platform is PayPal, we use them to securely process credit cards online.

*Must Prepay before you can be placed on the route/schedule.

As of 2021, in order to help minimize cost, labor, time, confusion, and hassle ,We are now fully implementing pre-paid online monthly payments only, via invoice through PayPal, You will be sent a invoice and billed once (1 Time) a month for the following months service.

How It Works.

Each invoice would include X number of mows we have agreed to perform the following month. IE: We intend to mow, 4x a month. so will we send you a invoice pre billing the 4 mows( weekly service – 4x-mowings, prepaid monthly payments).

If we do not service the property every week (4x/month) for what ever reason, We will note it to the account and adjust the next months invoice accordingly.

So for example, We will invoice and pre-bill 4 mows. If we only mow 3 times that following month, then you would still have an existing credit balance of 1 mow, We will then only bill for 3 mows on the following months invoice.

Basically they, “roll over” if you don’t use the prepaid mows. your last payment of the season will be will be a month before we stop mowing.

If you would like to pre pay for more than a month, such as for the whole season. April 1st to October 1st (5months,), we can discuss and arrange this, and possibly give a discount.

*All Sales Final, No Refunds.

Our Lawn Mowing Service

Our Services are only available as weekly in the beginning of the season, later in the season as weather permits we allow customers to reduce services to bi-weekly if desired, due to lack of rain or extreme heat/ drought. This is a no contract, no account required service, easy simple prepaid lawn mowing with invoicing though email, phone or online.

Lawn service explained

The Mowing of your turf, lawn, yard, and trimming around obstacles and features, and the removal of grass clippings from driveways and walkways using a blower. Additional services are scheduled separately, or as needed, such as mulch and flower beds.  We use professional equipment, such as, zero turn riding mowers and or push mowers.

Yard debris, Toys, Pet Droppings, Trash, Rocks.

Please keep all trash, Toys and debris picked up. or there may be additional charge. This makes it dangerous for everyone. Also it could cause damage to mowers and anything around it.

Hoses, Sprinklers, Irrigation,

Please pick up hoses and sprinklers or there may be additional charge. Do not water your grass the day of mowing. We will not be responsible if there is damage to hoses etc.


We use a professional line trimmer. We will do our best to carefully trim (weed eat) around and under everything.  Areas that have AC Units, Exposed Phone or TV Cabling, Wires, or things of that nature may be skipped.  If we feel we cannot not trim  due to possible damage to things, the area or object may be skipped. Typically we do not trim inside  mulch or flower beds… When Trimming around Trees, Plants, Wooden Fences, Posts, Decks, Pools could possibly be damaged by the plastic line, although we have a good sense  usually get everything without damage or concern. Its, the clients responsibility to protect these and be aware of this. We are not responsible if desired vegetation is cut or trimmed by mistake like flowers or decorative ivy, especially if it is not obvious or is overgrown with weeds. Please make us aware of anything like this.

Service Cancelation.

Please contact us at least 24 hours before your last mow, We will then mow the final time and remove you from the schedule. If for some reason there is a positive balance we will be unable to refund the balance. although we will make note of it, and give you credit if you return to the schedule.

In return we may also cancel service anytime for any reason. Although this is rare and hardly happens, as we usually work things out. We may or may not issue a refund.

Rain Delay, General Delay.

We do mow in light rain or after the rain lightens up. Should you think that it is too wet to mow, please
contact us to skip that day. If we have determined that the conditions are too wet to allow a proper mowing, then you can expect
us to service your property later that day if the rain subsides or on the day or two following.
We will try to contact you and let you know we are on a rain delay. There may also be delays even though it does not rain on your side of town. Also for any reason unknown things could happen so your service may be delayed and or rescheduled.

Skip Service

You must request a skip service 24hrs in advance, your service will continue the next week as usual. If your yard is considered overgrown, we may have to charge a fee

Our crews will not decide whether your yard needs to be cut or skipped, so you will need to let us know cancel or skip a scheduled mowing for that week if you desire.

Yard Access and Gates

Locked gates must remain unlocked and able to open, cleared and accessed easily for the full day of your scheduled service. If you prefer not to unlock your gate or have it open,  please provide us with a key or password so the we may gain access. We will take great care when accessing your gates/fences as not to damage it, also to close and secure it after we are done servicing your property.  Indy Lawn Mowing will not be liable  for old, broken, rotting, ill-maintained/built, non-functioning,  Gates/Fences/Locks /doors etc.

If we arrive to service your property and cannot access the mowing area, we can not come back, or give a refund, we will charge for a normal mowing, and it will be skipped until next service. If it is overgrown there may be an additional charge.


Our crews will make every effort to not let your pet through the gate, but we cannot guarantee your pet will not escape while we are mowing. Please keep animals and pets inside while we are servicing your property. We will make sure to close and latch all gates. Please pick up all pet droppings as there might be a additional charge for this.

Property Damage

Please contact us immediately if there is any property that you think was damaged by our team. We will send out a Manager to inspect and take pictures and document all damage. Our Manager will use their best judgement to determine what actions will be taken. The most common
damage is a sprinkler heads, drain caps, or valve covers. Upon your notification, we will inspect it./repair the damage in a timely manner. We
will not honor any request for repair expenses for damaged property, especially that we were not made aware immediately  and able to inspect or allowed to repair/resolve in a
timely manner.! If we are unable to repair/resolve the damage/issue, we will hire a qualified person to make the repairs/install or fix/resolve the damage, problem or issue.

End of Season

We say the end of our season is Oct 31. Anything after will be billed accordingly. Clients are notified and final invoicing is done. Any positive balance cannot be refunded. Although you can use it towards next season.

Complaints and Refunds

Our goal is total customer satisfaction! If our work is not satisfactory, or you think we did not service your yard correctly, we
do not give credits or Refunds.! However, we want to be fair.! If needed, we will mow your yard again without additional charge or do what we can to make it right. Your notification of unsatisfactory service must be received within 24-hours of the service. If you do not notify us within 24-hours of the service, we will consider the work satisfactory for the scheduled service.