Indy Lawn Mowing is a small, reliable and well-established local lawn mowing company. Starting with 2 brothers  in 2017 who are seasoned pros in the industry, Indy Lawn Mowing can provide you with friendly, prompt, professional services at competitive pricing. 

With a combined 15 years of experience in Professional Lawn Mowing working for large companies maintaining city and commercial properties, to  smaller businesses and contractors doing more detailed residential and light commercial work. We are “well rounded” with experience and informed on many aspects of different kinds mowing and techniques.

We aren’t your neighborhood teen, the Inexperienced Contractor, A Large Corporation, or a Slick Online Company, or any run of the mill mowing service at that. There isn’t hoops to jump or ladders to climb, contracts to sign, -marketers making commission on leads from another state… we are a straight forward, Local, Small, Professional business providing quality lawn mowing services at a good competitive price.

With us you can be sure to get a prompt, professional, friendly services without the hassles of the other guys, at an affordable competitive price. We show up on time, Clean Cut. -Drug and Crime FREE, with respect for you’r home and neighborhood. We leave you’r property looking better than when we arrived. If there is any issues or questions, you can contact us directly and quickly.