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Methods of Payment

1A. Invoicing through PayPal.

*As of Spring 2020 this is the the new and only method of payment

We will send out an invoice via email. You can pay directly from the invoice in email using a credit/ debt card, PayPal, or Venmo. *Currently due to covid-19, we have temporarily waived all order online processing fees.

we can accept other payment platforms as well. Just ask us when getting a quote

Future Plans are to Expand the payments processing stack such as cash app, apple pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Due app, (maybe bitcoin). Combine all this on woo commerce checkout. which will then be inside of customer service portal.

Billing/Payments Policy

No Contracts, No Credit Card on File, Scheduled Prepaid Mowing Service.

We currently use PayPal for online transaction processing.

This Policy Could Change at anytime without notice.

  • *No Payments over the phone.

To Start Scheduled Lawn Service

1.-New and Returning Clients to start service

 In order to be placed on the route/schedule and start service you will have to prepay (pay in advance) for two (2) mows. We will send out a invoice via email, once payment is received, you will be added to the scheduling system for service.

Prepaid Mowing and Payment Cycle

2.-Soon After the completion of the second mow, we will send out the new invoice via email for the next prepaid mows. (usually within 24hrs)

This Invoice Payment is due the day before you’r next scheduled mowing or it will be considered a Non-Payment.

We operate a 7 or 14 day mowing cycle (depending on if you are weekly or biweekly) 

This means the weekly customer would pay twice a month if they paid the minimum of 2 mows in advance.

A biweekly customer would automatically would pay monthly. (once a month, 2 mows)

Since we try to send out the invoice soon after the 2nd prepaid mow is complete, this gives our weekly clients about 5-7 days to pay when the invoice comes out before its due. 

*The minimum prepayment is 2 mows.

**if you would like to set-up a different payment method or schedule please contact us, we might be able to accommodate some other options.

Non-Missed-Late Payment

If Payment is not received before the due date, you will be removed from the route/schedule for that scheduled day/week and will be “skipped” until the next scheduled mowing.

 If there is no availability (Scheduling is full, customers are on a list) You may be removed from the route entirely and service will end.

 In order to start service again, there could be a fee charged or price increase for rescheduling/rerouting.  If the grass/yard or lawn is considered overgrown on the next scheduled mowing (due to it being skipped for non payment),  there could be a overgrown fee charged (due to the grass being longer. It is more difficult to mow, clean up and make look amazing. and this all takes more time as well.)

 If you are skipped for non payment we would be unable to make a “special” off route trip to your property. If you need your grass cut or you don’t want to pay the overgrown fee, we will have to charge an off route/schedule service charge. (gas, time, routing, Scheduling and invoicing). Please pay on time.

All Payments Due on receipt/Date Specified 

No Refunds, Normally, We do not issue refunds.

Additional Fees or charges that could apply

“Late Payment”, Overgrown, Off Route- reSchedule, Animal Poo