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Lawn Violation. High Grass and Weeds

The City of Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood Services gives property owners 5 days to comply after a mailing a violation letter.

If they don’t, the city sends a vendor to mow and then the city mails a $353 bill to the property owner.

“If a property is abandoned or vacant, it is the responsibility of the property owner,” said Dimitri Kyser, public information officer at City of Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS). “If the grass is 12 inches or higher, then that property will be in violation.”

To report high weeds and grass, contact the Mayor’s Action Center to report complaints at 317-327-4622



Indianapolis officials are reminding everyone about the city’s high weeds ordinance. According to the ordinance, residents will face a fine for letting grass grow over a foot tall.

Last year, there were 17,000 high weed and grass complaints made, and 15,000 violations were sent out.

Property owners who receive a notice of violation letter have five days from the date the notice is mailed to mow their overgrown property, according to the City-County Code of Ordinances. If a property owner fails to mow the property, the city will send a mowing vendor to mow the property and invoice the property owner for the service at a rate of at least $363 per lot.

Mayor Joe Hogsett set a good example this morning by mowing a property on the city’s near northeast side. He’s encouraging Indianapolis property owners to do their part by maintaining their lots and yards.

“High weeds and grass become a public nuisance that threatens the health and safety of our community,” Hogsett said. “Throughout the summer months, we’ll have 8 contracted vendors and nearly 70 employees working across the city to tackle these challenges, but we can’t do it without the public’s help. If you encounter a property in this kind of condition, please report it to the Mayor’s Action Center.”

Indianapolis, like several central Indiana communities, has a high weeds and grass ordinance. Indy’s says grass and weeds can’t exceed 12 inches. Those in violation, who are cited, get 10 days to mow. If they don’t, the city does it for them at a cost of $363.