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Here at Indy Lawn Mowing we take your online privacy seriously. We try to make it simple as possible to get the job and quote done with the minimal amount of personal information that is required.  We will keep your information private, protected and not share it to third parties for marketing or advertising. We will store you information securely on our protected cloud servers. Only authorized employees have access to this information. We may store this data indefinitely.  We will only contact you during normal business hours with standard practiced methods for the quote or job at hand, email, text, phone call, internet, social media.

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*Lawn Mowing quotes are valid for 1 week (7 days)

We start at *35$ for small, easy properties, that are close to the shop. 

Please visit our lawn mowing pricing page for more current details and pricing information 

We ask that you read and agree to our mowing policies. As this is for the best interest of everyone to keep the prices affordable.

Please visit our mowing policy page for complete mowing policy.

Link for lawn violations.

In cases where your grass is overgrown (greater than 6 inches), we often have to charge an additional fee. This compensates the lawn service crew for the additional time it takes to complete the job. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge up to 2x the original price in cases of overgrown grass, although the charge is often much less.

In cases where the grass is extremely overgrown (taller than 12 inches), we will get you a custom in person quote for the completion of the job, as in these cases it often takes much more time and/or specialty equipment.

These policies ensure that our hardworking service crews are fairly compensated for the time they spend on each job.

We offer service to many areas in and around Indianapolis, but not all or everywhere. We are currently based off zip codes.  Please check our service area page for all the current service areas.

Indianapolis, Camby, Avon, Speedway, just to name a few.  check out our service area page for a current complete list of zip codes, lawn mowing service area page

Online Quote Process

 We may use various sources of public data (from Google, Earth, Maps, Satellites and Zillow ) to get information and measurements about your lawn and property size to make an accurate quote for services. We’ve priced many lots with a high accuracy rate this way. You may be asked some other questions such as as do you have a fence or gate, access? Is your grass overgrown or tall?

*Lawn Mowing Quotes are subject to change upon in person inspection or first cut.