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Lawn Mowing Service Indianapolis, IN

Professional Lawn Mowing Service, Indianapolis.

Our lawn mowing service includes the mowing of your turf, lawn, yard or grass. Trimming around obstacles and features, and the clean up of grass clippings from driveways and walkways using a blower. 

We use professional lawn mowing equipment, such as, zero turn riding mowers, push mowers, Line Trimmers (weed eaters).
Lawn Mowing Indianapolis

Residential Lawn Mowing.

This service is excellent for:

  • Home, property owners
  • Sub editions, and neighborhoods
  • Rental properties, landlords, tenants, 
  • Property Management Companies
  • Senior citizens
  • Empty lots

Commercial Lawn Mowing.


This service is excellent for:

  • Business owners
  • Apartment Complexes or buildings
  • Gas Stations
  • H.O.A (Home Owners Association)
  • Property Management Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Churches, Community Centers
  • Small Office Buildings

Lawn Mowing Service Area


Our 2020 Indianapolis Service Area.

Indianapolis, Marion County, IN

46241, 46221, 46217, 46225, 46222, 46231, 46224, 46214, 46222, 46234, 46208, 46228, 46254, 46220, 46227, 46237, 46219, 46239, 46229, 46204, 46203, 46201, 46202, 46218, 46205, 46282 , USA

  • Beech Grove, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN 46107, USA
  • Speedway, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN 46224, USA

  • Indianapolis Towns and Neighborhoods

  • Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN 46220, USA

Camby and Heartland Crossing

Camby, Indianapolis, Hendricks County, Marion County, Morgan County IN 46113, USA Decatur Township, Madison Township  West Newton, West Union Station, Heartland Crossing, Mooresville, 8977-9051+County+Line+Rd,+Camby,+IN+46113/@39.6325913,-86.3103769,17z/

Greenwood, Johnson County, IN 46142, 46143, USA

  • Avon,IN 46123, USA

Quality Mowing, Professional Lawn Care.


Quality, Care, and Reliability. Pros

Professional Lawn Mowing Service

There’s actually a lot more to proper lawn care and lawn mowing then just cutting the grass, plus its just hard work, with the pushing or riding of the lawn mower back and forth around your yard, on those hot, humid, sweaty, Indianapolis days

Giving your lawn a great cut is just part our professional process. You’ll appreciate the care and attention to detail that we take with each mowing, Job and Client (customer). Our job isn’t done until we have trimmed the property and cleaned the grass clippings and off your driveway, the street and out of your mulch beds. (if we even make a slight mess) we make sure  to pay attention to details and do a great job, we leave your lawn looking better then when we arrived.

We are skilled and trained professionals who are experienced in the trade of landscaping, we have the equipment,  the know-how and the experience (expertise) to get the job done right, the first time and  give your lawn or yard the care and attention it needs, all while you relax knowing its for a cost you can afford.

We have efficient, but professional commercial grade lawn maintenance  equipment. We keep up to date and stay on top of the most current advancements in efficiency, productivity, technology, equipment, practices and trends in the office,field, and through the internet,  as part of our ongoing effort, ambition, to improve upon, grow, learn and get better everyday.

Your complete satisfaction is always our goal. If for some reason there is any problems, issues or questions, you may contact us simple, direct and quick to answer your question or resolve the issue.

Need Help with Lawn Mowing


Let Indy Lawn Mowing Take Care of It.

Yard work can be a bit challenging, overwhelming, dangerous and down right intense hardcore physical labor, especially with the summers heat, relax. Let us help, Indy Lawn Mowing can take of it for you with quality and care you can count on.

You just might be way too busy with work and life these days to give your lawn the attention and care it needs, or it may just not be your thing to do, you might want to consider indy lawn mowing,  we are a professional landscape company and lawn care service provider specializing lawn mowing and more  throughout Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas.

Here in Indianapolis, you no doubt want to make the most of every nice day. Don’t spend hours taking care of the lawn. Instead, Let Indy Lawn Mowing do the hard work for you at a price you can afford.

There are a many number of reasons why you could have to find, and hire a professional lawn mowing service in my area.

No Contract, Great Pricing


Upfront, Affordable, Prepaid

  • Lawn care service providers typically offer customers tiered pricing based on how often you want them to mow your lawn. The more often they mow, the lower the cost. Some companies even offer more competitive rates if you commit to a contract for six months or a year of service. Service frequency can affect lawn mowing and trimming costs significantly.
  • Professional lawn care prices will vary based on the current demand, fuel prices, time sensitivity, cost to do business and cost of skilled labor, 
  • a flat rate or by the square foot (an acre contains 43,560 square feet). Square footage rates factor in the professional’s time, the use of their equipment, and the gas to operate the mower.
  • the size of your lawn, and amount to trim and any additional services you may desire or require. 
  • Some  pros may charge or figure in an hourly rate for extra time spent needed for any additional service, 
*price depends on  many factors such as:
  • – acreage, terrain, typography
  • obstacles, debris, toys, trash -animal droppings
  • – grass yard lawn or vegetation height, thickness
  • – gates width, fences, obstructions 
  • – service area, location, accessibility
  • – frequency of lawn mowing service
  •  time sensitive requirements

Minimal charges and fees. 

Free online payment processing and digital invoicing

We accept Cash, Cards, or Online Payments

Currently We use PayPal to process transactions.

Simple, No Contract Lawn Care services. Cancel Anytime. Free quotes

Prepaid or pay in advance no contract

Get Weekly or Biweekly, professional, lawn mowing at an affordable cost. 


-Severely overgrown lawns will result in a revised on-site estimate and additional charges/fees

Small, Simple and Professional


Established local Indiana small business

Indy Lawn Mowing is a local lawn mowing service. If you ask the google internet, find a local lawn mowing service near me, you will find us more than likely, instead of  some of those bigger, national, name brands or fancy online mowing websites you see at the top of the listings with paid ads. 

We are a small, but well established, simple,  reliable, professional, local lawn mowing company in Indianapolis, IN. Family owned and operated, beginning in 2017 with two brothers who are seasoned pros in the lawn care industry, Indy Lawn Mowing will provide you with friendly, prompt, professional mowing services at very competitive pricing. We have the equipment, Technology, Skills and Knowledge of the Bigger Companies, along with the personalized service, communications and pricing of a small business. 

Schedule Recurring Lawn Service


Offering Weekly or Biweekly Mowing

Regular lawn maintenance can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal, but not just that.

  • After long periods without mowing, the grass may go to seed, causing the blades to look more like weeds and stalks than grass and become hard to cut and unmanageable . In addition to decreased curb appeal, excessively tall grass can harbor many pests, rodents, snakes, bugs, and unwanted, unsafe wildlife.  It can collect and hide debris and trash. It can also conceal illegal activity or crime. Ground Hazards are also hidden and could expose people/pets to serious injury. 
  • It will be far more difficult to mow and clean up,  with having excessive clippings and debris, thus, increasing the time and cost. 
  • This puts the property owner at risk for complaints and fines and increased cost or added labor fees .
  • Indianapolis requires all property owners to keep the lawn and grass mowed and maintained. If a neighbor complains, or the code enforcement serves a violation for a overgrown lawn, The property owner potentially faces steep fines/cost from the city.

Grass does, what grass does best, Grow, this means you need to keep your lawn mowed regularly . 

Simplify your life now. start with a professional lawn mowing service you can afford, trust and count on.

No Contract, Prepaid Lawn Mowing service that’s professional, but affordable with quality and reliability.

We strive to stay on schedule like clockwork with our scheduled recurring mowing services, we’ll be there to get the job done, whether you need, weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing. We are simply, hands down the easiest way to schedule and pay for a lawn mowing service near me. 

Quick and Simple Lawn Mowing Quote


Currently the easiest way to get a lawn mowing quote is to simply fill out the online request form with the basic needed information. We will contact you within 24 hrs on during normal business hours by either call, text, or email.

If you call and get the voicemail, please leave your information such as name, address to mow, phone number or any other important information. We will call you back shortly with a quote or to answer your questions. Just remember we are a small company and we don’t have a dedicated full time office staff, or many employees at that, we are the guys out mowing too.


We Google Satellite the address to mow. We’ll need to know a few simple questions about the property to be mowed, such as accessibility with gates/ fences, or quick guess of grass height. Most times we are  be able give a accurate quote over the phone or internet quickly. (This helps save time, cost, fuel, the environment) If we feel we can not give a good estimate this way, we will then schedule to quote in person on location. 

There are no hidden fees or contracts to sign. Indy Lawn Mowing is a very reputable business. We are straight forward, and up front with our pricing, trustworthy and honest with our clients. 

2020 Season

People Also Ask.

Small yards are assumed to be under 5,000 square feet and can usually be completed in one hour or less. Medium yards can be anywhere between 5,000 and 20,000 square feet and can be completed in about two hours. Large yards can be anywhere between 20,000 and 45,000 square feet and can require up to three hours to complete. Mowing times vary greatly depending on shape and size of your lawn.

The estimates given for lawn mowing service assume that your lawn has been regularly maintained. Your lawn care tech may need to revise their estimate following an on-site evaluation if it has been many weeks since your lawn was last mowed.

High Weeds and Grass are an environmental and public nuisance and has a negative effect on
public health and safety. Besides being unattractive, high weeds and grass can harbor pests and vermin and can also conceal illegal activities.